Lightning in a Bottle 2017, Bradley, CA


24th-29th, May 2017


So excited to be returning to LIB 2017, this is where it all started for me back in 2005. LIB is my home & my family. I am creating a new light box installation for the event. I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

See my work featured on the website here!

The Love Burn, A Burning Man Regional off the Coast of Miami


3rd-5th, February 2017


The Love Burn off the coast of Miami was a huge treat for the eyes and soul. I was so excited to set up my light boxes on a beach for the first time. It was a beautiful location. Hearing people tell me about experiencing my images in this setting was humbling and inspiring. Can’t wait for next year!

Check out my photographs from The Love Burn on FB.

Engulf, Lazy B Ranch, A Burning Man Regional in rural Louisiana


13th-16th October 2016


Engulf was the New Orleans Burners first regional Burn & I wanted to make something special for it to honor my new city. These are the most beautiful light boxes I’ve had made yet, huge thanks to Craig Latham & Tree for the incredible wood working. I treasure them & cannot wait to share them some more. The images were mainly from India. The setting was perfect!


Quest Festival, Son Tinh Camp, Hanoi, Vietnam


6-8 November 2015


Quest features an incredibly diverse program of over 100 acts such as musicians, DJs, artists, performers, workshops, film features and art installations over multiple venues.


I was invited and supported in building a unique custom photographic light box installation for Quest in Vietnam. My light boxes were built to order in Hanoi by a local wood worker, then delicately suspended from trees on the festival grounds. Although we ran into some difficulty with torrential downpours that seemed to never end, all in all it was a resounding success!


Check out more images from Quest here.

Bordel des Arts-8547
Bordel des Arts-8609
Bordel des Arts, Wilde Renate, Berlin, Germany


16 July 2015


“The Mahāyāna” ist eine Metapher für den Pfad der Erleuchtung jedes Einzelnen. Wo dieser beginnt und wann die Erleuchtung einsetzt, hängt von jedem selbst ab. So wie der Pfad der magischen Foto-Licht-Kästen, der Euch auf eine Reise um die Welt schicken und Euch gleichzeitig zu Eurer eigenen Odyssee inspirieren soll. Der Begriff “Mahāyāna” kommt aus dem Sanskrit und steht für den Weg der Suche nach vollständiger Erleuchtung zum Wohle aller fühlenden Wesen. Ähnliches hat Linka auch im Sinn, lasst Euch überraschen…;)


Bordel des Arts was so much fun to be a part of, a long running underground monthly event in the Berlin nightlife scene…I was really excited to be featured as the solo artist along with awesome DJ accompaniment at Berlin’s Wilde Renate nightclub.


This event was a great sendoff to my ‘Mahayana Magic Light Box’ installation, this was her last event in Germany! You can read a small article on Berlin’s BLN Radio about the show here.

FEEL Festival, Bergheider See, Brandenburg, Germany


10-13 July 2015


The Feel Festival invited me to show my artwork at their third installment at a new location on Bergheider lake, along artists, deco and fascinations over the four day event. My traditional ‘Mahayana Magic Light Box’ installation took quite a beating at this event & I decided to place her into retirement after fulfilling the summers pre-programmed lineup!

MLOVE Confestival, Future City Campus, Hamburg, Germany


24-26 June 2015


MLOVE Con Festival invited me to display my installation at their Future City Campus on the bay in Hamburg.


“2015 our beloved ConFestival will build up its tents (literally, there will be a huge tent!) in the very popular HafenCity of Hamburg, Germany. In fact our new home will be full size sea containers, featuring workshops, un-conference and networking.


Our expo space for startups and tech players will feature the next hot inventions & ideas. We are inviting smart cities world wide to come and showcase their projects in Hamburg. This temporary FutureCity Campus will launch in June with its ceremonial climax at the MLOVE ConFestival 2015 – and will grow even more over the following months.”

Pathways, KEH Hospital, Berlin, Germany


20 June –  4th July 2013


Created in 2009, the Getty Images Creative Grants program was introduced to help non-profit organisations leverage the power of imagery to promote positive change in the world and support them in communicating their stories more effectively. In addition to the annual Creative Grants program, Getty Images also offers Grants for Editorial Photography, empowering professional photojournalists to create compelling social, political and cultural stories. Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography are awarded each year at the Visa pour l’Image international photojournalism festival held in Perpignan, France.


Electric Daisy Carnival, Los Angeles, CA


July 2010


I installed 20 various sized light boxes at Electric Daisy Carnival in 2010, this event was attended by more than 90,000 people in a single day. It was the beginning of my installations being commissioned for large scale events. I called this installation “The Mahayana”.

Ash & Sparks at Lightning in a Bottle, Santa Barbara, CA, 2008
Lightning in a Bottle, Santa Barbara, CA


23 – 26 May 2008


Ash & Sparks was the first light box installation I envisioned, it was installed at LIB 2008. The installation approached the idea of duality using double sided light boxes to address how we handle emotions.