India, the land of WOW. The most colorful nation in the world…filled with spirituality, history, rich & poor, a land of wonder. I was so lucky to spend more than 4 months traveling throughout the country in 2012. I started in Ladakh, then went North to Kashmir, South to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Dharamsala, Rishikesh, Varanasi & Sarnath, then to the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajhastan, Jaipur, Udaipur, then further south to Mumbai, from there to Goa, Arambol and Hampi, then Gokarna…from there to Munnar, down south to Kerala, and I completed my journey in Delhi. It was an incredible adventure, yet I feel like I barely touched the surface.


Things I learned in India:

1.When people say that you will feel lucky to be from a developed country after visiting India, it sounds insulting to me. Indians love their country, if I was Indian I would feel lucky to be from there. If you have freedom you are lucky to be from anywhere.

2. Hindu temples are as gawdy or God-y as a baptist church sponsored by Mary Kay Cosmetics.

3. You have def smoked too much hash when you are staring at a cows ass in the sun and you think it’s a baby camel.

4. America is not a spiritual nation – media is the religion of America.

5. The lighter you pack the more shit you buy.

6. In India, many people spend their whole lives happy in a marriage they didn’t choose, while in the west many people spend their lives miserable in one they did.

7. When an Indian says, “I don’t want money”, it means I def do, but you won’t find out how much until we’re done.

8. Planning one’s travel can be very beneficial to saving time & money.

9. Traveling alone in India isn’t for sissies.

10. If you wanna know how bad the mosquitoes will be, just look at the walls of the room when you check in.

12. Good plumbing might just be humanity’s greatest invention.

13. Being able to pee in your socks is underrated.

14. Don’t assume people want your life, just because they have less.

15. Indians are happy with what they have. They have so much to teach us about gratitude. This is something nobody can explain…one must experience it first hand. We cannot truly understand this without touching it.

16. Being a loner doesn’t make one anti-social.

17. Sadness comes from nowhere a lot of the time.

18. Money is a vampire. In essence it sucks you dry, but you can’t help but like it.

19. Calling any country the greatest in the world has always been a pet peave of mine. I mean shut up with your nationalism. It’s all relative. But the way Indians love their country is to be admired, they truly madly deeply love India.



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